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    I have a entered in a knock code for an LG artisto-G2 or 3 (not sure of which one) I am new to androids. I set the knock code and confirmed it in the settings. as soon as my phone locked however my code was not recognized by the device. I have been trying FOREVER!!! Please help!!! I would like to reset the code without losing my data or pics or contacts. I have turned on the android device manager and locked to reset code there, however it did not prevent me from needing to enter knock code. I also have not been prompted after so many tried to enter in my pin? Knock code I entered was 6 digits per the screen i had to enter it in.after about twenty tries or so it recognized it once, but has not since. iv'e been trying for a while(3 hours) and still nothing. It also does not prompt me to enter in a pin which i did set up.
    05-11-2017 11:34 AM

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