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    Am I the only person who wants to restore SOME (not all) history from their phone after formatting/ hard resetting it? (actually I think I want to finally try rooting it)

    It's a Samsung S7. It's full (including the 128gb SD) and littered with messy folders in the storage, and battery never lasts a day, etc. I'd like to just fully refresh it, and remove the annoying "3" logo when it turns on, so just thought ahhh I'll try rooting finally (thought about it for years)

    So, is there any way to restore only the last say...6 months of history?
    I don't want to reset my phone then immediately fill it up with 15,000 SMS messages from the last decade! But I would like to see some SMS history when someone texts me tomorrow...

    07-05-2017 02:58 PM

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