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    Hi, I am having problems with my phones GPS. When I try to navigate with Google maps the phone glitches out. I currently have the location mode set to A-GPS and networks. Google maps won't track me as I go and other times it jumps to another place of the road. The GPS signal offten gets lost too and does not seem to get my exact location. But when I set the location mode to Networks only Google maps says that I need to enable GPS. So then it switches me back to A-GPS and networks. But when I run the app GPS Status & Toolbox it is just stuck at the message "looking for GPS" and in the notfaction bar it just says SAT 0\9 | SIG 0\∞. Sensors seem to be working fine too.

    Thanks, I hope to get this issue resolved soon!
    08-17-2017 01:52 PM

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