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    Followed the steps exactly as written below(vvv) in an earlier post, unfortunately it does not solve my problem today. The phone is online on LTE and WiFi, everything else works, but this.
    The device (SG-S5; Android v6.0.1) has been completely reset twice, updated only Google: -drive, -maps, -playstore, and the offline map's downloads reach 4% at the first try, and then hangs there at 4% forever. The error message is: Couldn't download.
    If I delete the unfinished download and then retry, the downloads do not even leave 0%. I tried everything that I could research online, but this offline map function just does not work. Please let me know how to fix this. Thanks!


    Parayil said on 6/26/16:

    Thanks for posting in google maps and
    earth help forum.
    Go to settings>power manager>battery saver, disable power saving mode.
    Settings>Date & Time , switch between time zones.
    Select automatic time zone.
    Settings>location>switch between modes.
    Select high accuracy mode.
    Settings>account>select auto sync data.
    Go to settings>scroll down to data usage and tap on this.
    Look at the top of screen.
    Tap on the name of the cellular data provider.
    below this switch on mobile data.
    Tap on the three dot menu at top right.
    "Uncheck" in " restrict app background data or
    Deselect in " restrict app background data ".
    Scroll down to the google apps, select app.
    Tap on the selected app.
    See below the notification" restrict app background data ".
    Next to this " uncheck " in the box or
    Select the switch off.
    Go to settings >storage>cached data>clear cached data.
    Go to settings>storage>apps>settings>clear data.
    Go to settings>storage>apps> google play store>clear data.
    Go to settings>storage>apps> download manager>clear data.
    Go to home screen select"google settings" app>tap on this>three dot menu.
    Tap on the button" clear app data".
    Settings>storage>apps> google play services>uninstall updates.
    Open Google drive or inbox, this prompts to update google play services.
    Finishing this.
    Uninstall updates in google map.
    Reinstall updates.
    Reboot /restart device.
    Still problem persists.
    Run the device in safe mode.
    And check for the installed apps.
    Still issues.
    In computer>
    Select sync everything in sync settings.
    Scroll down to" do not track" >select off.
    Then scroll down to advanced
    settings>scroll down to contenSUBMIT t settings>scroll
    down to>location.
    Check in " allow all sites to track physical location".
    09-26-2017 02:17 AM

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