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    Hi Android Central,

    For some reason it appears that Samsung Messages and Google Messages are competing to be my primary messaging application. My preference is Google Messages and has been set in the settings too, but when I receive I message from a friend who has an S8, the message is received by Samsung Messages, or, when someone leaves me a voicemail, it goes to Samsung Messages, not Google Messages. All other SMS' are received in Google Messages.

    I've played around with the setting a few times and even used Samsung Messages but I can't stand the interface.

    Is anyone else having this problem and how did you overcome this?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    02-26-2018 06:41 PM
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    Your problem is RCS (or Enhanced Messaging). If you're on a network that supports it, like T-mobile, messages you send/receive from compatible devices that have this feature enabled will be received as 'chats' instead of SMS (think iMessage... With read/received status notifications as well as 'typing' one). Unfortunately, these are not supported by 3rd party messaging apps and will only display in your stock one (in your case, Samsung Messages).

    Depending on your carrier or your friends', you might be able to disable 'chat' mode or Enhanced messaging and you should be, now, receiving their messages as SMS and into the Google app.

    Some carriers, however, don't include a 'switch' for this so you might not be able to disable it. If you don't see a switch to turn off RCS or Enhanced Messaging, try going into the Samsung Messages app, open the Settings, go to Chat Settings, and turn off Send Read Receipt and Share Type Indications. That might help turn the 'chat' function off and let you receive normal SMS between you and your friend.
    02-26-2018 08:46 PM

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