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    I was having an issue sending emails from my Note 4. Uninstalled my g-mail accounts now I am unable to add them back. All settings are correct incoming and outgoing. No problem logging into accounts on the computer just my phone.

    "unable to connect to email server to verify your account information. no response from server."

    Help fixing this would be greatly appreciated. TY
    05-07-2018 09:29 AM
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    Make sure you're adding them as existing accounts, not new accounts.

    Let the app set up the accounts, don't put in your own port number, etc.

    Make sure the phone itself is connected to the internet. Try google.com or mail.google.com in your web browser. If that can't connect, you don't have an internet connection on the phone.

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    05-07-2018 12:51 PM

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