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    I have a Blu Studio 5.0 cell phone with Android 4.2.

    I would like to test whether I can hear Google Maps' voice navigation instructions _with the phone speaker_.

    I do not have a data plan but I am able to connect to the office Wi-Fi network.
    I realize that without a data plan I would not be able to hear voice navigation instruction in my car but I should be able to hear Google Maps' initial navigation instructions while I am connected to the office/s Wi-Fi, right? (Like, if I want to walk from my office to another building with a different address I should at least hear Google Maps' initial voice navigation instructions that tell me in which direction to head, right?)

    Instead I do not hear anything...

    What am I missing? Is my Android version perhaps too old for that?
    06-04-2018 02:46 PM

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