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    I have a Pixel XL and I am using the original Android messages app. I have an issue that keeps occuring. Everytime I get a new SMS message from someone, I get multiple notification sounds. The notification bar shows the SMS from the person I receive the message from, but underneath, other messages even a year old, show up. They are all messages from short numbers (promotions, internet banking access codes, or mobile operator texts). However, if I search those short numbers in my messages app, they don't show up, because I deleted them all. The messages don't exist anymore, but somehow, I get notified about them like I just received them all at the same time.

    Does anybody have a solution?
    07-20-2018 05:45 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Other than backing everything up and reflashing the ROM with a user data wipe, no. The messages are probably still in the SMS database, marked deleted, but the app is picking them up as unread for some reason. (I assume that you've tapped each notification to bring the message up, so it's not unread. Maybe deleting it at that point will delete it for real.)
    07-20-2018 04:51 PM

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