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    I've recently purchased a lovely headset from XiaoMi for my Huawei P20Pro.
    It's Mi ANC & Type C In-Ear Earphones. Model: JZEJ01JY.
    It has lovely audio and works fine with most of the features except...
    When I made calls, the headphone will not hear any sound at all. no dial tone, not even when someone picked up the phone on the other end.

    I noticed a quick fix for this error is to turn on the handsfree mode when you made the call; after you hear the sound from the handsfree mode, turn off the hands-free, then the sound will start coming in through the headset.
    Another option is to wait until you hear the dial tone then only plugged in the headset.

    It is not quite ideal considering the hassle of having to do so.
    The error was so niched that I could not find generic help online at the moment.
    Anyone shares the same pain or could provide some help here? Thanks!
    07-24-2018 06:57 AM

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