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    On my Android phone I have an app called Denote. It allows me to create text notes, which it uploads to a folder in my Dropbox account, so I can read and edit them on my desktop PC or virtually any other device. I've had Denote for several years, and it has served me very well, but recently it has stopped working (i.e. it has stopped uploading the notes I create to Dropbox) which makes it pretty useless. Now I can' t find any trace of Denote, or the people who developed it. Does anyone know what happened to it, or who its developer was? Does anyone know where Denote stores its files in Android? I can't find them. And what would you recommend as the best note taking app for Android that will or can sync its files via Dropbox? It just needs to do text, not graphics or anything.

    Thanks - Rowan
    08-19-2018 12:19 PM

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