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    Hello all.

    I’m new to the Android world but been converted from ios.

    I have a tablet (no branding) which is stuck with the word ‘android’ on the screen. I tried the wipe partition cache and resetting back to factory defaults in English (power+up), end wipe in chinese (power+down). After wiping, it goes back to the Android screen and does nothing.

    The only clue i have of the model is at the top of the recovery screen which shows s960_mt6735-66c_m; and a powering on splash screen that says ‘MediaTek’ with a green android robot.

    You have so many videos and don’t know where to start, but can someone advise how to reload firmware/Rom/ operating system or whatever the technical name is to get my tablet back in a working state.

    Any help would be appreciated with steps I need to take and direct me to the correct video.

    Mr T.
    09-28-2018 03:56 AM
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    The problem with an "unknown" tablet is that it's ... er, unknown. It uses a MediaTek chipset, that's about all we can tell.

    It sounds as if the basic problem is that Android is either missing (you can do that easily on an Android device - trust me - I've done it on my phone about 19 times in the last few days) or so corrupted that the operating system under it, Linux, won't boot. Some devices fall back to Recovery, some fall back to the bootloader, some even to a black screen, when that happens.

    The fix in almost all cases is to just flash the system (the "ROM") - but in this case, since we don['t know the manufacturer (and it's probably a no-name Chinese "company" that changes "brands" and device designs every month), so we can't find the ROM image and the software tools to install it. (That's the problem with cheap devices - they cost a lot less - until something goes wrong, and you find out that the only "fix" is to throw them out and buy another one.) Unless you can give us a manufacturer and model number, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do for you. It's like going to the doctor with a virulent disease that's going to kill you, but they can't find a cause - and most of the medications used to cure diseases of that type will kill you if they're not for the disease you have. (Flashing the wrong ROM turns the tablet into a paperweight.)
    09-28-2018 01:08 PM

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