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    I recently upgraded my Samsung S4 to an J7 Aura. I use my phone to look at pictures I take with my game-cam(s) out in the woods, by using an external card reader. Since I began using the J7, every time I plug in the card reader, the phone automatically deletes the DCIM directory on my external sim card, including all the pictures on it. It also adds a bunch of Android directories on there at same time. This didn't happen on my S4.
    If I take the card home and review on Windows PC, the files are all there, but once I plug the card into the card reader and phone....DCIM get's deleted and the Android directories appear.
    Is this due to a later version of Android on the new phone, or is there some trick in 'settings' or other to enable me to look at a DCIM directory on an external memory card ? (all cards are new Sandisk 32gig cards...so not the memory card or the reader...as I've tried/tested on multiple card readers)
    Any help would be MOST appreciated !
    10-23-2018 05:06 PM

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