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    So I Just had deleted a lot of media files,uninstall apps data and cached data so my ZTE Sonata 3 Storage can know longer be full. Its 6.83GB out of 7GB8.00 now, I Try to reinstall an but said It "cannot install please try again " with an error code that I cannot remember. Please help.
    10-29-2018 05:49 AM
  2. jameny5's Avatar
    Check the your download manager. Clear the cache for it and Google Play Store. Go up and down your list of apps and clear the cache too. It will free up even more space. You said it was 6.83 GB out of 7 GB then you had 8 .00. Which is it? If it is out if 7 GB. I would delete some least used apps to free more space. They are culprits too.
    10-29-2018 06:21 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Do you remember what apps you cleared cache/data from? Was one of them Google Play Services or Play Services Framework? You should generally leave those alone.

    Try clearing the app cache/data for the Play Store app, then see if the problem goes away.
    10-29-2018 06:22 AM
  4. hallux's Avatar
    An 8 GB device (7 GB is not a storage option) will have a little under 7.5 GB formatted capacity (I have a 16 GB flash drive formatted at 14.4 GB, extrapolate from there). If the storage used is 6.83 GB, there's almost certainly not enough space to update apps. Even though you're updating an app that's already using space, you still need enough space for the Play Store to store the update and then unpack it for installation.
    10-29-2018 06:31 AM
  5. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    Hello, I'm The guy who made this thread. I somewhat made a mistake mistype My Phone storage is 6.85Gb out of 8.00Gbs I've actually deleted all of my apps weren't pre-programmed and alot of media files. after that Try to Install or up an app, It kept saying this app "can't be installed " the error code was 491 I believe. BTW my phone keeps saying "No Free Space " please help.
    10-29-2018 07:32 AM
  6. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    I uninstalled Twitter, Tumblr, Insta Downlader, Spotify, Shazam.

    I kept Clearing the cached data of Gmail, Browser, Google Play Store, YouTube , Google App , Google photos , Hangouts , Mobile Services (for abit ) Google PlayMusic.

    I'm knowlonger gonna clear the data cache of Google Play Store Service's and Framework one of guys said that's a bad idea.

    Once again, my ZTE Sonata 3 internal storage is around the 6.80s Gbs out of 8.00Gbs and it keeps saying no free Space thing keeps popping up.
    10-29-2018 07:51 AM
  7. hallux's Avatar
    When you say:
    My Phone storage is 6.85Gb out of 8.00Gbs
    do you mean that you have 6.85 free or 6.85 used? I'm leaning toward 6.85 USED, which would be a problem as that's nearing capacity and results in the inability to install app updates.

    You can also see this thread related to error code 491 to see if that helps - https://forums.androidcentral.com/ge...1-how-fix.html
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    10-29-2018 07:52 AM
  8. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    685 Used Of 800Gbs, I don't see how that's a problem. Because my phone was 7.79 used of 8.00 GBs That's where I get the "storage is full Notifacation" Also, when I'm at the 7.40sGbs range or higher that's I where I get the storage Running out space message.
    10-29-2018 08:05 AM
  9. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Show us a screenshot of the Settings>Storage menu: https://forums.androidcentral.com/ge...d-central.html
    10-29-2018 08:42 AM
  10. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    Can you email me? Because I'm doing this via mobile at Chrome browser.
    10-29-2018 09:10 AM
  11. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    It's 6.69 used of 8.00 GBs
    10-29-2018 09:30 AM
  12. belodion's Avatar
    ^ PMs or Personal Messages are how we contact one another directly.
    10-29-2018 09:45 AM
  13. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    10-29-2018 10:55 AM
  14. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    Can disabling Google Play Store works?
    10-29-2018 11:14 AM
  15. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Email for what? Are you unable to figure out how to post a screenshot? If the mobile site doesn't let you post a screenshot, you could try forcing Desktop Mode in Chrome's settings.

    Also, what are you trying to install? Some apps can be pretty big, so even the amount of free space you have right now might not be enough. Remember that the system always tries to keep a certain amount of storage available for temporary data -- that amount of storage can vary with the device, but it could be upwards of 500 MB.

    And no, I don't think disabling the Play Store would work. You wouldn't be able to install anything then.
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    10-29-2018 11:15 AM
  16. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    Well, My phone is the only device that I've have at the moment, Tumblr is pretty much I want the app I want but I tried other apps. When click install on an app it the error 491 comes up, along my phone keeps saying "no free Space" when I'm no where near my storage is full
    10-29-2018 01:30 PM
  17. hallux's Avatar
    Tumblr shows as "varies by device" under size on the Play Store on the web. Did you try force stopping and relaunching the Play Store app as was suggested in the post I linked above? That post was related to the error 491 you keep mentioning. In the Play Store on my Pixel 2 XL I see it's around 17 MB download size (needing 32 MB or more free in order to extract and install the app).

    Your phone will report low space at less than a certain amount free. If you've hit that level, the message makes sense. We'd really need to see the screenshot you've been asked for in order to help diagnose the issue. I would say, based on my 16 GB flash drive, you'll have somewhere around 7.2-7.5 GB of actual space in storage, some of which will be occupied by the OS.
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    10-29-2018 01:48 PM
  18. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    Well, The problem is solved. I Tried Force stopping GSP / GSPS, I also did Removing accounts then reboot phone solution. What probably was my phone say no free space and the error code 491 is that I forgotten to switch storage location device From my very clutterd SD to my 6.80s used of 8.00 Gbs.
    10-29-2018 02:38 PM
  19. Rukbat's Avatar
    You're still going to run into problems with 1.2GB free. A phone with 8GB total storage was fine back around 2014, but with Android getting close to 8GB just for the kernel, Android and a few other necessary partitions, it's going to be time to buy a new - larger - phone soon. (Moving apps to SD, or installing them to SD, is not just a bad idea, it's probably the best worst idea of all time. SD cards can't handle bad spots - one bad spot and your card and all the apps and data on it are gone. The internal storage is a different technology and can substitute spare chunks for bad spots, so it lasts many years longer (and costs much more too).
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    10-29-2018 02:45 PM
  20. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    The overwhelming majority of Content that's on my SD card is music and photos. How should I Balance my internal storage? I mean the only reason why my Storage fully clutterd is because of my usage /I had Google Photos uncached ,and ignorance media files.
    10-29-2018 03:52 PM
  21. B. Diddy's Avatar
    With that little internal storage, the only thing you can really do is limit the number of apps you install, and make sure you save all possible media and documents to the SD card. There's not much else you can do. That's why an 8 GB phone these days is really only good for the most basic cellphone use. If you want to install a reasonable number of apps, then you need 16 GB at the very minimum, and preferably 32 GB.
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    10-29-2018 03:56 PM
  22. Rasheed Crenshaw's Avatar
    Well I do have a couple stored In my SD Back-up (haven't restored to the phone)

    Advice what's a good phone With appropriate storage of today's standards, with good to great camera quality as well as Mobile hot-spot friendly?(other than an iPhone )
    10-29-2018 05:35 PM
  23. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If you're not limited to phones directly from the carrier on a monthly installment payment plan, then I'd consider a 1st or 2nd generation Pixel, depending on your budget. Since the Pixel 3 just came out, you can expect some decent deals on the Pixel 2 soon.

    If your budget is more limited, consider the Moto G6 or G5 line.
    10-30-2018 11:55 AM
  24. jameny5's Avatar
    What about your files? Do you have a lot of movies, videos, music or movies downloaded? They take up a lot of space too...
    11-04-2018 01:23 PM

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