1. consultant1027's Avatar
    Can CDMA phones (such as for verizon) be activated, then SIM card transferred to another phone then activate the phone again with a different SIM from a different carrier or does the ESN for the physical phone get registered to the carrier and will only work with that carrier's SIM?

    Basically, I want to activate a BYOD phone for Xfinity that they won't activate because they don't support it but I know the phone will work so I was going to buy a used Samsung S8, activate the SIM, transfer to the other phone then resell the S8.
    08-02-2019 12:31 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    It's my understanding that Verizon phones become unlocked after a few months of service. If you owe on the device you will have issues changing carriers because Verizon will not release the ENS without the device being paid in full. Otherwise if the device is anything within the last 2 maybe 3 years even if it is a Verizon branded phone you should be able to BYOD to another carrier. In one instance here on the forums I read a comment where someone had to talk to customer service to get the device unlocked, but most carriers will handle all that for you if you bring the device to them wanting to switch.

    As for Xfinity and your plan... Yeah it would work in reverse, if you were bring the device to Verizon, but I'm not really sure how Xfinity works their activations so you might hit a snag, especially if they are already saying they don't support that device. Mostly just curious, what device is it?

    I doubt many have attempted what you are thinking so finding that small demographic here is not very likely but if you're sure you can resell the used device you're only out some of your time if you try and fail. Worst case, what you have to keep the used device and sell the other? Which may be a better option anyway.
    08-07-2019 04:37 AM

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