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    Hi !? How are you !!????!! Is everything. Is alright can i ask you why my phone is laggy when i play games even my phone is poco f1 with snapdragon 845 and 6 gb ram
    04-10-2020 03:31 AM
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    6GB should be enough to run most phone games.

    Is this something that recently started, has always been happening or just with one or two games? I don't know Xiaomi but if this recently started check your memory page in Settings to see what is using your memory. This is different than Storage. Storage tells you how much is saved on your device, while Memory tells you what is using RAM. Try optimizing apps that are running when you're not using them. You could also try putting them to sleep if your device offers this function.

    Are you running any anti-virus, malware, memory saver or memory booster apps? While these all claim one thing they usually do the opposite. More often than not they cause more issues than they solve and create problems where there was no problem. Disable them and test your performance, then decide which you'd rather have.

    If neither of those offer you any help you could try running your device in Safe Mode. This will tell you if the issue is app related or system related. If background apps are what is slowing you down Safe Mode prevents apps from opening and running in the background that you didn't open. It also turns off unnecessary device functions. If your game runs well in Safe Mode you're probably having app issues. If it doesn't then your system may not be able to handle the game because while RAM is the measure of performance, the processor and other components play a part too. To get into Safe Mode see these directions... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=...8gq0fma74oTRTy

    Stop back and let us know what you found and if anything helped.
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    04-10-2020 04:41 AM

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