1. escon#AC's Avatar
    anyone try the defender case with battery cover or not using a 2800 or 3500 battery the standard is a 1880 thanks
    06-23-2011 11:53 PM
  2. imarek3's Avatar
    I seriously doubt thast you will get an extended battery in any case such as the Otterbox or anything elso for that matter. All of the extended batteries I have seen for the Atrix have a replacement battery cover that bumps out. Extended batteries tend to double the thickness of your phone and thus hard case do not fit.

    I had a Samsung Captivate with an extended battery and loved it, but having the extra juice came at the cost of not having a hard case to fit the phone with an extended battery.
    07-17-2011 03:56 PM
  3. dejzebmoorbn's Avatar
    I reviewed several such websites asking similar questions and trying to fit the largest battery I could in the Atrix. The Mugen 4800mAh XL Extended battery is awesome, but the door (cover) it comes with is pretty standard and makes the phone look like a black brick. After a little reseach, I decided to modify my Otterbox Defender to accommodate the giant battery. It was not easy, but I'm happy to share my steps. I'll post a few photos when I find the correct links.
    08-04-2011 07:50 PM
  4. dejzebmoorbn's Avatar
    These are the mostly finished product. Not perfect, but better than I expected. Taking several hours to make the cuts really helped as the battery needs to be securely fit. The Mugen battery protrudes through all three layers of rear coverings (the OEM door and the two backs to the Defender case). The poly carb plastics are incredibly difficult to cut through with exacto knives (broke several) and D2 steel blades (used to perforate). I will be using a dremel next time. I now get over 72 hours of standard usage before needing to recharge whereas previously I had to recharge every 30 hours (down to 1%) with minimal usage. And right after I finished, I dropped my phone. Great timing as that would have broken the Mugen case.
    08-04-2011 08:06 PM
  5. Silberc's Avatar
    Mugen case?
    JDM YO!
    08-04-2011 09:02 PM
  6. dejzebmoorbn's Avatar
    08-04-2011 10:23 PM
  7. math2life's Avatar
    There is a seller on eBay (moretalktime) who sells custom TPU cases for a lot of phones including the captivate and atrix with the extended battery.
    11-16-2011 03:36 PM
  8. jeffbrannon's Avatar
    Hi ...

    Wondering if you ever posted how to put the Motorola Atrix with Extended Battery/Back into the Otter Defender Case?

    Thanks !!!
    04-30-2012 08:24 PM
  9. demonknightdk's Avatar
    wow, i am looking at getting an atrix 4G cause they are cheap on amazon now, and are the best bang for the buck. I was hopping to get an extended batter for it, but not at the cost of that much protrusion. I think I may save up a little longer and get the HD with Razor MAXX battery mod. I wonder what the physical difference is between the standard atrix and the razor maxx battery is...
    01-30-2013 11:36 AM
  10. MikeSpanjar's Avatar
    This is what I did with my Atrix 2. I just purchased the Moto BW8X extended battery and battery door straight from Motorola (best price anywhere). The battery is about 1000mAh higher than stock. Didn't want to give up my Otterbox case, so I used a Dremel with a round saw blade and cut out the back of my Otterbox to accommodate the extended battery back. This is the way to go. You've got a true phone back (the one that Motorola shipped with the battery) and Otterbox protection. Check out the pic -- you'll see that the extended battery & case are almost flush with the stock thickness of the Otterbox, meaning almost no difference in bulk when I slip it in my pocket.
    Attached Thumbnails whats the highest extended battery in atrix with otterbox defender case-atrix-otter-cutout.jpg  
    03-02-2013 01:29 PM
  11. Chopper1000a's Avatar
    I was wondering about the durability of this Otterbox Commuter-Dremmel Tool modification. After using it for a while, did you run into problems? Also, is there anything I should be careful of, before I take the dremmel tool to my beloved Otterbox?
    06-23-2016 02:48 PM