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    GPSLogger II is looking for you...-unnamed_s.pngGPSLogger II

    First of all - Hello everybody - I am a long term BlackBerry Developer who finally found the right side and started to develop for the Android platform.

    The first application that I have moved over is called GPSLogger II - an application that I have started to develop in 2009 - so even if I am new on Android - the application is already running for quite some time and has a significant user base on the BlackBerry legacy platform - I don't want to start a discussion, WHY it took me so long to realize what a great development platform Android is... it's just like that - but finally I am here :-)

    So the usual way to get your hands on the initial build of GPSLogger II for Android is to join the "Beta-Program" first be entering either the

    Google+ Community

    or the

    Google Group

    once you are member of the community or group you can open the link to the beta version (PlayStore) that is posted in the group/community - you need to open this link on your device and "joining" (again) the Program in the PlayStore - once that is done you can install the app on your android device.

    IF it crashes, please be so kind and send in a report -

    As final note - the application "can" send eMails (on your request only) - therefore the app request the permission to your device accounts (in order to send emails via your gmail account) - You do not have to use this functionality - it's option - for sure I will not use the granted account permissions for anything else.

    TIA - looking forward to your Feedback
    06-13-2014 02:00 AM
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    Allow me to add the Application Description:

    GPSLogger II
    The all in one GPS Tracking and offline Map solution - all for free & without in app advertisements

    GPSLogger II is a pretty straightforward application that can record your GPS based location over the time. Initially developed for the BlackBerry platform (started 2009) the functionality have grown constantly over the time. Even this is the first release for Android you can expect an package that is suitable for all kind of activities, include outdoor navigation, geo-caching or an easy to use car finder.

    Beside the actual position (in WGS84) the application will record the time, speed, heading/course, altitude, accuracy (of the signal), number of satellites and (if enabled) the raw NMEA-data.

    GPSLogger comes with plenty of settings which should allow you to adjust the application to your personal likings, starting with the selection between imperial, metric or nautical units or different location formats [DD.MM'ss.ms", DD.MMMMM, UTM (+Zone), MGRS or raw mode]. The speed can be toggled between km/h or 'Minutes per KM' (of course also as mph and Minutes per Mile).

    There are ten different views (up to three of them can be displayed simultaneously) Each view have a specific use case and allows you to adjust the display information to your personal needs. You simply can switch between the different views by swiping left or right.

    - OpenMapData View
    Currently the following OpenMapData providers are supported: Google Maps|Satellite, Bing Maps|Satellite|Hybrid, MapQuest OSM, MapQuest Open Aerial, esri World Street Map, esri World Topographic Map, OpenCycleMap, Outdoor (by OCM) and Landscape (by OCM) - also you can specify a custom tile-server URL, so you could just add your preferred local map data provider (please check the corresponding tile server usage policy).

    Please note, that GPSLogger will request the map data only once - so it can work completely OFFLINE once that map data has been stored on your device (an additional free DesktopTool is also available).

    - Path View
    When you have no data connection (or have configured GPSLogger that no data should be transferred) the path view is a simply plot of your current logging path (or the navigation path - or the path data that you have loaded in the background)

    - Direction View
    By default your logging starting point will be the initial direction record. The Direction view points you into the direction of this navigation location and display all kind of additional information like the estimated time of arrival (based on your current speed/average speed), the relative speed to the target location (very useful for sailing) and of course the course to the target location.

    When you are using GPSLogger for outdoor navigation the direction record will change dynamically based on your travelling progress and your specified outdoor navigation settings.

    - Speed View, Elevation View, Compass View
    Simple plot of your Speed/Elevation values over time and a Compass

    - GPS CoreData View
    Displaying the location and the current speed and course in the largest possible font on your device

    The remaining other 3 views Navigation Direction, Navigation GPS Core Data and the Navigation Speed can be very useful when you make use of the extended outdoor navigation functionality - actually I have implemented them for my personal usage when I am riding with the MTB.

    Core Functions:
    • GPSLogger
    • Speedometer
    • CarFinder / Bring me Home
    • Outdoor Navigation
    • GeoCaching and Waypoint Management
    • AutoEmergency Alert
    • Import and Export of KML or GPX
    • 100% OFFLINE

    • An Android® device with a build in GPS Antenna (or a active & already paired Bluethooth GPS-Puck)
    • Use GPSLogger II outdoors - The reception of the GPS signal inside a building can be very bad or even not available at all.
    • Permission

    GPSLogger II is looking for you...-01.png GPSLogger II is looking for you...-02.png GPSLogger II is looking for you...-04.png GPSLogger II is looking for you...-05.png
    06-13-2014 02:32 AM

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