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    Ok details
    Driod Bionic
    System Version 98.72.22.XT875.Verison.en.US
    Andriod Version 4.1.2
    Web top Vrsion wt-3.0.0
    Kernal Version 3.08-g4a62d00 then an email address and SMP PREEMPT Fri 8 15:16:35 CST 2013 (Im pretty sure this was the date I downloaded to update)
    Build Number 9.8.20-72_VZW-22
    Build date Fri Mar 8 14:50:18 CST 2013

    My issues are "People" "Groups" "Contacts" backing up and using "Dashboard"

    OK things I have done to the phone, not hacking (rooting) just trying to set stuff up. I started to put quick Keys on my main screen to numbers I call often. I also had started to place my coworkers in a "group". I created a Group under the company name and got some people moved over. Then after a issue at work I started to add others to make getting a hold of everyone more easy. Now after an update a few months ago Im pretty sure contacts became people and those in my group that were not part of the Backup Assistant Plus (BAP) were gone from the group, they were in my people still but not the group. Also it seemed that those that remained in the group were removed from people I messed around syncing and resyncing trying to get everyone to either Google backup (Which I dont know where that is) or to the BAP (not sure where that is either). I'm sure I set up the BAP at one time over the Google but don't recall when.

    OK so I decided to delete the group and made a new one. When I do it will not find names from my people if they arent in the BAP I have to reenter their names and data. Now I was able to put people in the group if they were in Google and when I did that they were gone from my List in People. I see that there are in my GROUPS Google BAP and Skype I imagine I can only put people in a group if they are Synced or backed up using one of those methods.

    How do I make them all one way or another, do I have to do it individually or is there a Select all and how do I do it either way?

    I had asked at Verizon how to and they said to go to my gmail account and manage them from there. This brings up issue two. Well never really using the Gmail account, I went and I dont see all of my contacts, Im sure that is because Im doing something goofy with my phone. I did go there and it says My Contacts (13) and All contacts (30). When I click on manage my contacts I can see the My (13) and the Other (17) yet where I have some on my phone that have both telephone and email information only one or the other show on the dashboard, not even when I click on the name?? In fact MY contacts show just telephone numbers and OTHERS contacts show only email addresses. I've over 100 People on my phone, so something isn't getting back to the dashboard for some reason.

    Third weird thing, I went to the IT guy at work who is an Apple guy and no help here to figure out an issue logging on to the Company email. I was using my phones browser to check work emails. For some reason I was not able to log on to my web mail for work following a link Id always used.The link still work from my home PC. I dont use any Software like Outlook. Anyway he suggested I set up my mail on my phone using the mail app on the home screen. So I have done that along with adding my Comcast email. Kind of nice saves me from signing on. It seems that my works email has copied email addresses or to my phone yet not my Comcast. I dont really want either one to be added. Strange it didn't put everyone from my work email list or anyone from my Comcast?

    One more thing (for now) When I click on PEOPLE from the 5 buttons on the bottom and the PEOPLE screen comes up if I then hit the menu button (4 square) to manage my contacts the Contacts to display it is set at customize while it is set there for example; I click on one of my PEOPLE I only get his email address, if I change it from Customize to BAP I only get his phone number and Group. I see that when its in Customize I have 117 contacts when BAP is selected 87 and Google 13. So Im sure Im on to something but need just a bit more guidance in how to straighten this all out.

    So please if you can take the time to get me going again Id really appreciated it. If I should break this out into individual question I can do that too.
    06-25-2013 09:21 AM

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