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    Hi all, got an unusual one for you here, any help greatly appreciated!
    I've recently taken a gamble on ebay & have received a lovely droid M from the US of A, Verizon badged.
    Very happy with the phone & connection to the Australian GSM network was as simple as putting in a local SIM (unrecognised SIM warning on startup but no issues other than that)
    It has already been updated OTA to 9.18.78 so root is obtained through safestrap only, Eclipse 1.2 loads fine.

    So, all good except: I didn't know about Verizon's hotspot limitations, unlimited data?! that's madness! No wonder they block the tethering..
    My phone tries to contact verizon when running the factory ROM, denies activation of the hotspot. 3rd party apps don't help.
    When running Eclipse I can activate the hotspot & my PC will connect to the phone, but no internets get through. (H+ connection on the phone itself)

    I'm not sure if it's an issue with my settings or if verizon are still somehow blocking the connection, how could i check this?
    Bit of a noob sorry, my 1st root & just want this thing to work!

    Cheers! B
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    10-01-2013 02:05 AM

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