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    I can't find anything on this subject here. I found something over at phandroid but it was vague and I haven't gotten a response to my bump. I am on my second VM GS2 E4gT (returning the 1st due to capasitive buttons going haywire) and run into the problem only after root. I cannot move apps to sd that I could before hand. Is there a work around? I am on stock ROM as a noob and have a LG OP V and Elite that I use to train myself in the ways of the Jedi. Also, there are apps that I cannot download. For example, "Where's My Water?" Which I bought and played before root. I just tried downloading the Phandroid app unsuccessfully. I hope someone can shed some light Anna apologize if I missed the issue already being addressed. Edit: Has nobody ever had this happen to them?
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