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    Hello All!

    I have a sprint galaxy s3 and I'm having issues with words with friends. anytime i have a move to play, it displays it as an ongoing notification in the drop down box. i have never had issues until i updated to jellybean. it is getting annoying because i cant clear it and i notice a huge drain on my battery.

    the weird thing about this is that my wife has the same phone with the same version of WWF and updated to jellybean the same way, but her notifications are not ongoing and can be cleared. there is no way to change this in the application manager in device settings or physical settings with WWF. all i can do is turn the notifications on or off. i have cleared data, force stopped it, uninstalled it, installed previous versions, and even rooted my s3 and am running synergy rom, but still no luck.

    if ANYONE has this problem and knows of a fix, im all ears. Zynga was unable to resolve this so im turning to the real experts.

    03-30-2013 12:07 AM
  2. Lanhoj's Avatar
    It's likely part of WWF, I get the same thing but I don't notice any real battery drain caused by it.
    It can only be cleared if I launch the matches for my turn.
    Zynga likely wants you to not forget that it's your turn to play.
    I agree it's aggressive...but that's Zynga's call & don't think anything else can be done, sorry.
    03-30-2013 12:46 AM
  3. godofawesome90's Avatar
    It's just I find it weird how two sprint galaxy s3's that are running the exact same set up with the exact same version of wwf and one will let you clear the notification and the other will display as ongoing. If they could place a setting to where you could change the notification to ongoing or regular, that would be nice. Unfortunately hopes and dreams of one unsatisfied person doesn't change much lol

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    03-30-2013 06:39 PM

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