1. arsenalfh's Avatar
    Stupidly I drank too much and got sick on my Moto G getting inside the mini USB port in the process. I picked the gunk out and the phone was working fine but when it ran out of battery I tried charging it only to see the charging screen to remain at 0%.

    I heard you can clean these ports using alcohol but this phone's battery cannot be removed, would that cause any problems? Are their any other better ways of cleaning the port or anyway I can get the port replaced at a decent price? Best phone I've owned by a mile so it's devastating to ruin it during one night of idiocy especially when I may not be able to afford another phone like this for a while.
    03-03-2014 03:13 PM
  2. supak111's Avatar
    you shorted out the charging part and its probably dead now, might be able to just replace that part but I'm not 100%. On GS4 its easy to do and it only like $7
    12-19-2014 02:19 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I agree. Water itself is bad enough, but the acidic nature of gastric juices will play hell with the circuitry. The charging port is almost certainly damaged, but in addition, there may also be other internal parts that are damaged as well. Your best bet is to bring the phone to a repair shop to get an estimate. If it's going to cost almost as much as a new phone, just write this one off.
    12-20-2014 12:33 AM

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