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    Hi everyone.
    I have a Droid 4 (maserati) that suddenly died last week. I think the connection between the body and screen broke. Nothing shows on the screen, and there's no touch input available. But the device is still able to power on, reboot, and is recognizable from my Windows PC. I'd made a fairly recent nandroid backup, so I'm not in an emergency phase, but there are some files and photos I'd still like to try to recover from the broken device. Basically just files on the internal SD card. I was rooted, running stock Android on the latest OTA.

    I'm not very experienced with ADB, but have started to give that a shot. I've tried various ls commands, but am stuck at a point where I get an error. Using a console (Console2), I ran ADB, then used this command:
    adb shell ls -R /storage/sdcard0/
    I got this error:
    opendir failed, Permission denied
    I'm not sure if this error is because I didn't open shell with root access. But when doing that, I run into other trouble because I'm not familiar with the linux-style commands. Another small issue I've bumped into is that when running the ls command on large file trees, the results are cut off by the console's 9999 line buffer.

    Can anyone help me find a file list. Or better yet, can someone just help me pull all the data from the entire internal SD card?

    03-19-2014 01:31 PM

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