1. Nismo6677's Avatar
    I own and iPhone 4 and would like to convert to Android. Im torn between the X10 and Captivate. I know the big argument is sony only using 1.6 but now that it has 2.1 should I do the buy one X10 and get the other free special at AT&T or spend the extra for the Captivate?
    12-04-2010 10:19 PM
  2. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    I am going to try and put my hatred for Sony Ericson aside on this one and give you an unbias opinion.

    It's going to come down to personal preference. The X10 is very, and I mean VERY heavily customized compared to what Android normally is, much more so than any other custom UI of Android so far. I haven't seen performance results since the 2.1 update, but I know it was sluggish on 1.6 so I can only hope they have fixed some of that. Sony doesn't have the greatest reputation when it comes to updates and such, and there's probably a good chance you will never see FroYo on the X10, as opposed to FroYo is looming over all of us for the Galaxy S series of phones.

    But again, it's going to come down to personal preference. Right now, the Galaxy S series of phones have a very annoying and relatively serious GPS issue. Rest assured it is getting fixed, but if GPS is something you use a lot then that is something you also have to take into consideration.
    12-04-2010 10:57 PM
  3. jgodin03's Avatar
    I have both X10 running 1.6 and Desire on 2.2.

    The battery on the X10 is HORRIBLE. I unplug it at 8 am. Read 5-10 email, send 2-5. And the battery is DEAD at 5 pm. I dont do txting on it, dont do browsing, no phone calls... It's a phone that I use exclusivly for email. In the other hand: the Desire. read 5-20 email a day, send 1-3. 1-3 phone calls, 100-250 txt a day. a lot of browsing(I pull around 100mb a day), wifi is active all day long, bluetooth too. And at 9pm it still remain 15-30%...

    I heard similar spec about the Galaxy.

    Only for the battery, dont buy an X10. And I agree with Chris... I dont think the X10 will ever see Froyo.

    Compared to my Desire(I never tried the Captivate for that), the GPS is very unprecise... on the highway it tell me that i'm on a secondary road around 100m away. The Desire is just fine again.

    i dont have personal experience with the Galaxy, but I'll never recommend a X10
    12-07-2010 12:50 PM