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    I was excited - like most when WhatsApp announced the possibility to message through the a web browser. When I actually got round to try it, was disappointed that it was only possible through Google Chrome.

    I took it upon myself to either find a way or create a way and something as simple as changing the useragent didn't help.

    Finally stumbled upon something on reddit from user 'Anctar';

    So I tried to make a workaround for those two missing features with a userscript. getUserMedia is already partially supported by Firefox and I simply had to make the method work without the prefix. For the Filesystem API I used a polyfill from GitHub. The result is that I can now use the webapp with Firefox and I didn't run into any problems as of yet. That being said I didn't do much except simple chatting.

    tl;dr: Install this userscript and set the useragent with an addon of your choice to one matching Chrome's and you can use the client with Firefox.

    Edit: Use at own risk. Don't blame me if something breaks or anything unforeseen should happen.
    For those that need it breaking down, you will need the following;

    1) Firefox browser (maybe others work, not sure)
    2) Greasemonkey - Download here
    3) An addon which changes useragent - or manually change it. - This you can research.

    - Once you've downloaded Greasemonkey, go the page with the userscript mentioned above (from here)

    - Copy Either the text from the link

    - Thereafter go to add-ons and greasemonkey, click on New User Script (found on top, quite small text) and then a dialogue box will open. In the dialogue box at the bottom it will say 'Use script from clipboard'.

    - Click save.

    -Finally don't forget to change the userscript to chrome and you're good to go.
    01-28-2015 08:06 AM
  2. Hovatek's Avatar
    Thanks.. will check it out later today
    01-28-2015 01:10 PM

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