1. pawprints86's Avatar
    Title says it all... just restarted my phone to find the battery stats had dropped very significantly. thought it was a fluke so i went into recovery, deleted battery stats, and still the drop was present upon next restart.

    not only that the other day i lost 30% overnight while it was powered off!!!

    this is a fairly new anker battery.... it shouldnt go to crap overnight shouldt it? they have extremely high reviews!

    ETA: forgot to mention, this power drop during restart happened just after i had left the battery out of the phone all night!! Went in at the same power level as the night before, i used it some, restarted, and boom 22% missing...

    ETA2: just did another battery pull and it lost 3 more %. before this this battery was perfect!! 1 random wakelock in about 6 months time. I dont get it. this is not a gradual degrading of battery, this is downright crap
    11-09-2015 04:15 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    It sounds like the battery isn't being read correctly by the OS -- Which phone is it ?
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    11-09-2015 04:21 PM
  3. srkmagnus's Avatar
    I suspect a bad battery. If you are up to it, and don't mind the time to setup the device, perform a factory reset and see if that fixes the problem. If not, contact Anker or the retailer for a replacement. I've had that issue happen and it's almost always the battery.
    11-09-2015 06:26 PM
  4. pawprints86's Avatar
    My phone is the samsung captivate glide, running stock but rooted 4.0.4 (touchwiz based).

    i did just do a factory reset like 2 months or so ago though... so it is fairly fresh still
    11-09-2015 10:03 PM
  5. Spiralcage's Avatar
    My batteries on phones and pads have showed wrong battery percentage a few times. It's some mechanical glitch.
    11-10-2015 06:12 AM
  6. pawprints86's Avatar
    ok, so i charged to 100%, downloaded something called battery spy... and other than not turning it off, i havent done anything different. maybe a bit less gaming, but thatwas just by chance. its been running for 2 days 8 hours, its at (or at least, it SAYS its at) 47% right now. it shows a steady slow decline over that time.

    would it be that theres something up with rebooting that makes the power meter (or at least how much power it reads is left) messes up upon reboot? I guess ill know its still off if it just shuts off by itself at 40% or something.... but sure enough as of right now as soon as i start keeping an eye on things... it seems ok *so far*.

    Technology is so awesome but can be SO frustrating at the same time...
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    11-18-2015 11:01 PM

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