1. galaxyss1's Avatar
    I recently got a Galaxy A5 (2017) and I am noticing that my mobile data usage doesn't add up. It is fully updated.

    The phone is reporting more total usage in the graph than summing all the individual app components listed below the graph. Also, it is listing more data usage than what is actually reported by the service provider as well. In my case, the phone reports essentially _double_ the usage of what it actually used.

    For instance, my phone says I have used 3GB so far during this billing cycle (set correctly). But my service provider indicates 1.5GB used. Summing all the app components listed below also comes to 1.5GB. There is a phantom 1.5GB that cannot be accounted for anywhere. My current usage is primarily via WIFI hotspot for my tablet. Basically the data usage doubles whatever the WIFI hotspot uses. Using apps native on the phone is 1:1. Using WIFI hotspot is 2:1 with phantom usage that cannot be found anywhere as listed.

    What is the problem? I tried factory reset and nothing changes. Either this is a bug or there is a not so well disguised spy program replicating the data and sending it off elsewhere.

    In my old Android phone the data usage meter is extremely accurate and I can rely on it to cut me off at the data limit.
    03-15-2018 11:36 PM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I don't have much help for getting your phone more accurate, but I know it doesn't always properly reflect carrier data usage.

    Does your carrier offer any data tracking apps or widgets? If so, I'd use that. I personally use Verizon's app and widget to track my data. It counts usage based on what they are billing, not what the phone actually uses. For example, they have some data services that don't count towards my cap. The phone wouldn't know this and count that usage as regular data, thus making it seem like I'm using more of my plan than I am. The Verizon app wouldn't count that data.
    03-16-2018 11:18 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Which carrier do you have? With T-Mobile, certain streaming doesn't count towards your mobile data (i.e., the Binge On feature).
    03-16-2018 02:59 PM
  4. galaxyss1's Avatar
    I am with a Canadian carrier.

    So basically this shouldn't happen and doesn't happen for you? It didn't in my old phone so...

    I also use the carrier login to check, but there is a few hours delay between when it is reported and is not real time. Not the best way to keep data in check. I also verified actual data usage via the tablet's own data monitor and it corresponds to what is reported by the WIFI hotspot usage and also correspondingly the carrier's usage. There is something wrong for sure. Either software bug or there is some hidden process using data.

    I know certain data usage would not 'count' towards data usage and the carrier can determine what that is. For example if you visit their website to login, it doesn't count. Or if you call your voicemail it doesn't count as minutes. So I'm not sure if somehow the wifi hotspot data is sent twice over but only counted once and the replicated data is not counted according to the rules.

    Anyway, despite this, it doesn't make sense that the total usage as shown in the graph cannot be accounted for by simply doing the summation of parts in the list below the graph. That alone suggests either bug or a hidden process not shown in that list. Coincidentally I can tell by my experiments that it basically is doubling whatever the WIFI hotspot uses.
    03-16-2018 04:22 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    That's tough to answer. I know that the data usage reported by the phone can differ from what the carrier reports, but I'm not sure about that degree of discrepancy (without things like Binge On). Have you tried calling your carrier's tech support? You'd probably have to ask for the next support tier, since I'm guessing the first level of support wouldn't know for sure.
    03-22-2018 08:52 PM

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