1. Tylor2018's Avatar
    My Chromecast Ultra does play 4K HDR YouTube videos without any issue. However when I cast Netflix 4K HDR content it only plays in 4k not in HDR. I can verify this with my TV information mention menu that it is not streaming in HDR via Netflix with a Chromecast Ultra.

    What's interesting is I can go on my Xbox One X and play that Netflix 4K HDR content without any issue and I verified with my TV menu.

    I understand this forum is not for the Xbox One X but what is interesting is I cannot play YouTube 4K HDR content via the Xbox One X. Which is just the opposite issue. But the Xbox One X can play 4K HDR games as well as 4K HDR Amazon Prime video along with Netflix 4K HDR video as mentioned above, just not YouTube 4K HDR content.

    So I have proven that both the Chromecast Ultra and the Xbox One X can play 4K HDR content without any issue it's just varies between the apps on both devices. Is this normal? Since both devices play 4K HDR content contingent on the app that I'm using is there any setting that I can adjust?

    This is a pretty perplexing situation and I'm not sure if it's a matter of just waiting for an update for the app or what should be done
    10-28-2018 04:10 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's kind of normal. 4k is still a fairly new format (even though there's a spec for 8k already), so there are going to be some incompatibilities, as onw company follows one version of the spec and another company follows another version. (We're still having a few problems with Bluetooth, and that spec's been out for years and years.)
    10-28-2018 01:46 PM

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