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    I love my Chromecast however I can only get sound from the tv speakers. I would like to use my wireless headphones that I plug into our surround sound receiver but can't figure out how to do so. The receiver is old and does not have a HDMI port. Both sets of Audio Out on the tv are in use, one to the receiver and the other to the DVD. I have tried all kinds of setting adjustments to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    11-23-2013 07:27 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Why do you have an Audio Out from the TV to the DVD? The DVD shouldn't need an audio input.
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    11-24-2013 12:03 AM
  3. zixca's Avatar
    good question Diddy, I just assumed that is where it was going. I will check on that. The tv has only 2 audio outs and both are in use. The components are a cable box, dvd and surround sound receiver.
    11-24-2013 06:15 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The surround sound should be the only component that needs an audio output from the TV, so hopefully you'll have another available audio output to use for a wireless headphone setup.

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    11-24-2013 11:29 AM
  5. zixca's Avatar
    B Diddy, sorry for the long delay, lots going on around here this time of year. I checked and I do only have one audio out on the television and it is connected to the surround sound system. I contacted Samsung (maker of the tv) and after much time learned that there is no way to direct audio from the HDMI port which is where the Chromecast is located. The surround system is older and does not even have a HDMI port so cannot connect the Chromecast there...Fortunately, I do get the audio from the television speakers so all is not lost, just the better sound and the ability to listen to the audio output on my wireless speakers. Thanks again for your help and have a Merry Christmas! Zixca
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    12-09-2013 11:13 AM
  6. Groundhound's Avatar
    You can use something like this to connect your receiver without HDMI, it also give you additional HDMI input ports to connect multiple HDMI devices to one HDMI port on your TV, while sending audio directly to your receiver via S/PDIF Optical Toslink, Digital Coaxial, or analog 3.5mm stereo.
    4X1 HDMI® Switcher w/ Toslink & Digital Coaxial Port (Rev.2) w/ 3D support. - Monoprice.com
    12-09-2013 12:23 PM

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