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    Please note, these have at this point only been tested working on the WiFi version. I believe the reboot menu and volume skip mods will work with the 3G version, but flash at your own risk, and perform a nandroid backup prior to applying.

    I am sure many will agree that choosing between a true stock experience and the plethera of custom roms (and thier many lovely options) can be a challenge. Myself, I usually go with the CyanogenMod myself, just for the options. But I always come back to stock for its dependability. So I have made a few mods that are odexed and flashable from your custom recovery.

    The first is the 4-way Reboot Menu. My source is from this thread here. It did not work initially so a slight modification had to be made, which the thread maintainer was glad to help talk me through. I opted to not do the volume skip at this time. If there is any interest I will add it later.

    Reboot Menu Only

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_reboot.only_odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_reboot.only_deodex.zip

    Reboot Menu and Volume Skip

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_reboot.vol_odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_reboot.vol_deodex.zip

    Next is an odexed version of Tablet UI. I used AuxLV's app, Tabletizer from here, and then odexed the files. The only real issue with it is that the stock launcher is virtually useless with this implemented and a third party launcher is needed. I personally like Nova Launcher (and was used for the screenshots), and Apex did work too. At this time, this mod will also implement the Reboot Menu from above as well (they both modify android.policy.odex). If this mod is wanted without the reboot menu, let me know.

    Reboot Menu and Tablet UI

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_reboot.tabUI_odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_reboot.tabUI_deodex.zip

    Reboot Menu, Tablet UI, and Percentage Battery

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_battery_reboot.tabUI_odex.v2.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_battery_reboot.tabUI_deodex.zip

    Reboot Menu, Volume Skip, Tablet UI, and Percentage Battery

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_battery_reboot.vol.tabUI_odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_battery_reboot.vol.tabUI_deodex.zip

    Volume Skip, and Tablet UI

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_volume.skip.tabUI_odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_volume.skip.tabUI_deodex.zip

    Volume Skip, Tablet UI and Percentage Battery

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_battery_volume.skip.tabUI_odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_battery_volume.skip.tabUI_deodex.zip

    This is a 100% battery mod that uses images that I created for the status bar. I have made this compatable with Spannaa's flashable battery themes (thread found here). This is essentially his "Base Statusbar Battery & Pulldown Battery Toggle VRTheme" with my PNG's. So any of his themes are compatable!

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_battery_odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_battery_deodex.zip

    This below is only the Volume Skip mod. Control Play Music with the screen off by using the volume rocker to skip tracks!

    Volume Skip Only

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_VolumeSkip.only_odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_VolumeSkip.only_deodex.zip


    Had a request for this, so I threw it together. This is simply a build.prop modded for 178dpi (tricks your device into thinking it has a larger screen than it does). He originally asked for 160dpi, but that broke tablet UI, so upped a bit. This will work on either odexed or deodexed stock. I included below a picture of this implemented. Also shown in this picture are themed softkeys found here (and work on either odexed or deodexed)

    Download - 4.2.2.stock.grouper_178dpi.zip


    Need a rom to flash these on? Look no further!! Below are links to both Odexed and Deodexed Stock roms! They have been rooted (with SuperSU, busybox installed, and all apps that are not odexed within the rom are updated as of 03/05/2013. They are also set to zip align at boot (this will help keep the deodexed version running as smooth as the odexed version). No other modifications have been made yet. My thinking is that anything else is easily added afterwords, and will fall into the mod section above.

    Download - 4.2.2.ROM.stock.grouper.odex.zip
    Download - 4.2.2.ROM.stock.grouper.deodex.zip



    This last part will be for extras I find that will work within either Odexed or Deodexed 4.2.2 stock roms (and maybe others). These are not my creations, but will work and I will include links for the given mod.


    Link to Re-Odex method [TOOL/GUIDE]1by1_ReOdexer - Make a new ODEX file
    03-06-2013 07:17 PM
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    OP Updated to include further modifications. Feedback appreciated!!
    03-10-2013 01:49 PM
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    Thanks much for the shares! Will any of these work on cm? I'm running stock to though so I'm flashing either way.

    ** these are just words **
    03-12-2013 10:26 AM
  4. hlxanthus's Avatar
    Thanks much for the shares! Will any of these work on cm? I'm running stock to though so I'm flashing either way.

    ** these are just words **
    No they will not work on CyanogenMod. If you follow my source for the tablet ui, it does work to create it for almost any 4.2.2 ROM.

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    03-12-2013 11:00 AM
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    Nice I love the system settings menu in the tablet ui! I'm going to try it. I'm flashing it odexed jdq39 stock rooted as we speak.

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    03-12-2013 11:22 AM

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