1. jolo's Avatar
    Nexus 7(2013), Android 6.0

    I am attempting to unroot by tablet, then let the the system do the latest OTA update take me to the latest Marshmellow version, then re-root.
    I have a complication due to my Nexus charge/USB port is not working, so no wired computer connection.
    * I used SU to unroot.
    * After I did this, my Nexus 7 seems unrooted, HOWEVER, the OTA update failed during the update and took me to the screen of the "broken robot".
    * Not knowing what to do, removed the SU app. This didn't help me as the OTA update failed again after.

    Can someone please help me with specific help in unrooting by Nexus 7 in a way that would allow the OTA to work?

    Thank you for your time and expertise....😂

    09-16-2016 08:17 PM

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