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    So I have an S-Offed, Rooted, modded Incredible S that about a month ago, suddenly started displaying the message (SD card unexpectedly removed). It would happen every now and then, and all I'd have to do is pop the cover, eject and re-insert the card and it would work fine. Getting tired of it, I even formatted it like a hundred times, and even then, after a bit, it would eject. This caused a whole series of experiments where I'd try other SD cards of different storage sizes and I could access the files but the HTC would always have issues. About two weeks ago, it stopped recognizing it at all. No matter how many times or methods I formatted the SD card, it would never recognize it. I figured it was the phones problem so I tried resetting it, formatting it, switching roms, etc. But nothing worked. Then recently, while wiping my caches and data (for resetting my phone for the 3rd time) I accidentally formatted system. After a brief moment of table flipping and researching online, I managed to flash the stock rom back on it, and even got CWM Recovery again. I then popped in my SD card, and IT WORKED. I was relieved, re-installed all my apps and played through Phoenix Wright for like 5 hours. Then the next morning, IT HAPPENED AGAIN. The HTC stopped recognizing my card, any card for that matter. AGAIN. So now I'm stuck, I need some help, if anyone has had this problem before, please reply.
    06-01-2014 11:21 PM
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    OK....solved it I think... after dismantling the phone multiple times, I mean like down to the circuitry, I got nothing. So I gave up and tried to just download some games and play them till I sell it for parts...and then something weird happened, none of the games would run, I even downloaded you tube and nothing happened. It would give an error. I then turned the phone off, booted into recovery and the SD CARD MOUNTED!! I don't know how or what happened but it finally works now. I can finally complete Phoenix Wright
    06-26-2014 03:48 PM

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