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    I need help everyone. I started having problems about three days ago. My SD card doesn't save stuff for very long. If I take a picture or download anything it is on the card for up to an hour. I have tried unmounting and formatting the SD card and it just seems to skip the screen after I press "Erase Everything" and then goes back to the memory status screen. In the notification bar it says that it is preparing my card, just like when I re-mount it. I have tried resetting the phone to factory settings and I have also tried formatting using windows. I have searched all over and haven't found anyone else with this problem. Please help! If I can't fix it by tomorrow afternoon I am just going to take it to the nearest Sprint store. I didn't root my phone or anything and I've had it for less than one month. Thanks in advance!
    02-23-2011 01:57 AM
  2. FatalErrorz's Avatar
    Chinese water-grass virus...or a corrupt SD Card. I'll go with the latter...maybe
    02-23-2011 03:13 AM
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    My problem is similar but the phone appears to be eating my SD cards! The Sprint technician put the 8gb micro SD that was in my Blackberry into the new Evo Lte 4g the day I got the phone. Less than two weeks later the files, for no apparent reason and without warning, just disappeared. The card could not be read on a computer either. It's almost as if it damaged it. I cannot reformat the card using the PC, EVO or the Blackberry (as the technician suggested). So I got a new card and started all over...and today, two weeks later again, the same thing has happened to a brand new 4GB micro SD card! I am ready to take the phone back!! Is anyone else having this issue?
    06-26-2012 11:16 AM

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