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    but as an AT&T HTC One X user, I'm having a hard time trusting the combination of AT&T and HTC when it seems they have abandoned their flagship of... what a year ago? . Maybe it is all AT&T (and indications are this is part of the case) but HTC has to realize this is killing them with the few people that did take a chance on them last time around. If it is all AT&T's stalling (for the sake of their bloatware), then the implication is HTC has no leverage or pull with them, and that also is a bad thing.

    I loved the HTC One, and probably should not be looking at a new phone already. Heck, part of the reason i went to HTC was how long the Samsung Infuse languished without an ICS update. And now to get it worse... no, don't feel I can trust them to be in a position to make sure the phone stays up to date. I know, I know, nexus. Not sure if such things matter to most here, given the tendency to not wait and go rom crazy anyway... but it does matter to me.
    02-20-2013 09:01 PM

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