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    I have had my One M8 two weeks now, LOVING this phone, and one of the selling points to me personally, was the ablity to go flash the GPE Nexus type ROM, and not be stuck on Sense. And I am a huge Nexus stock Android fan, having owned the Nexus-One, Nexus-S, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 4, but after the N4 I moved on to Samsung's Note 2, and then Galaxy S4. So last experience with stock Android was 4.1 Jellybean, haven't played with any Kit Kat builds before.

    Long story short, I am liking Sense 6 way more than GPE's Kit Kat 4.4.2. and I never would have thought or expected that in a million years, being such a long time Nexus fan. I tried out two different GPE ROM's this week, and certain things in stock Kit Kat I can't stand.

    - #1 the Phone dialer / Contacts, wow those suck now, why did Google change the Phone app they've had since ICS 4.0 ? I use my phone a lot to actually make calls, this new new Dialer sucks, and the Contacts is super bright white and very plane, really no features on it. I have read that a whole new Phone dialer app is coming in a upcoming 4.4.3 update. But I miss the awesome Phone app from 4.0 to 4.3, which was all Black with blue numbers, and swipe to to the right to go to contacts, etc...

    - #2 the icon sizes are gigantic, like crazy huge, can't fit much on the home screen, I know a Launcher gets rid of that, but sometimes I like to run bone stock, and with those giant icons it looks weird and silly.

    - #3 Battery life is definitely worse than a Sense based ROM, by a good amount IMO. My Sense based ROM's were giving me crazy good battery life, like 6h to 7h On Screen time, and total battery life of 24+ hours easily. These two GPE ROM's I tired, would only give like 4h to 5h On screen time, and maybe 15 hours total battery life.

    - #4 Speed. I was always under the impression that stock Android was way faster than a UI like Sense or Touchwiz. The Sense 6 ROM's I was running were super fast and silky smooth. The GPE ROM's were also pretty quick too, but no way did not feel any faster than Sense. Just going off my own personal use, it felt like Sense was the faster UI. My point being, stock GPE Android was NOT faster or smoother, no. It was a tie, and if anything Sense won by a hair.

    - #5 The look of the UI. Sense 6 has a really cool black / white / blue theme going on, and flat design, it looks really professional, and minimalistic, just smartly designed and well thought out. Where stock Kit Kat is starting to look like a Hodge podge of old Ice Cream Sandwich mixed together with the newer Google Now cards stuff, it's like stock Android can't make up it's mind, is it still Holo themed, or going for the new lighter Card style ? The menu still looks the same as from the Galaxy Nexus from 2011, but other parts look very fresh and totally different. I think we need Android 5.0 to usher in a new uniform design theme for stock Android.

    To wrap this up, I am no HTC fan boy, my last HTC was the EVO 4G way back from 2010. I am really more of a Nexus stock Android guy, I guess I just don't like the Kit Kat updates from Jellybean. I was very satisfied with Jellybean. And this Sense 6 blew me away, really shocked I actually like it better than stock Android. It looks great, is smartly designed and laid out, and is super smooth / fast, with insanely good battery life. Next stock Android phone or ROM I'll run will be to wait for at least 4.4.3, and most likely the next big update with the HTC Nexus-Six this Fall.
    05-04-2014 09:56 AM
  2. NEXUS_HTC_PS's Avatar
    I know exactly what you mean. I couldn't be anymore satisfied with this OS. It is so fluid and everything just....goes!

    Sent from my s-off'd, unlocked and rooted BAMF M8 with the viper venom.
    05-04-2014 10:14 AM
  3. thepurpleturtle's Avatar
    It's so responsive that sometimes I make mistakes because i'm compensating for the lag! Lol

    Posted via Android Central App
    05-04-2014 10:40 AM
  4. cwbcpa's Avatar
    I remember really liking the os on my DNA when I had it, but Sense 6 is really great. It's not heavy at all and what was added is actually useful.

    Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
    05-04-2014 10:53 AM
  5. Almeuit's Avatar
    I never saw an issue with Sense when I had my M7.

    Sent from my T-Mobile Note 3 using AC Forums.
    05-04-2014 11:00 AM
  6. Dogmann's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I have to agree with everything the OP has said before my M8 i was running a Galaxy S3 that from day one I felt the need to run a SuperNexus Rom on which basically turned it into a Nexus device and I also thought vanilla Android was really what I preferred and would always end up running on any device of mine. It was my intention on getting my M8 and after unlocking the Bootloader and Rooting it to either convert it to a GPE device or run a GPE Rom much to my surprise from booting up and setting up my M8 I have found Sense 6 to be so clean smooth and fast that it has saved my from having to do all of those things needed to convert it and I am more than happy running my unlocked and unbranded WWE version as it comes and still after 3 weeks can see no need to change it. Of course others may feel differently but for me and for now Sense 6 really has been a revelation and I'm sticking with it.

    05-04-2014 12:07 PM
  7. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar
    HTC doesn't B.S. around . They've come a long way....

    I've been a fan of HTC sense since the original evo days and had every major evo (evo 4G, 3D, LTE) to date plus a rezound so I've got to see the changes HTC has done and I have to say, while three years ago sense 3 was my favorite, sense 6 is by far my top favorite now. Sense 4 was the stepping stone. sense 5-6 were the key.

    I like how HTC lets you customize many aspects. One of them is the tabs like lets say on the dialer. You can tap and hold on the tab on top and rearange them and even hide them as well (like if you don't use groups, uncheck it rearrange the tabs so it goes phone, call history etc)

    You can do that with any page that has tabs. They've done that since the days of the huge round tabs on the bottom...
    05-04-2014 01:34 PM

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