1. thegreatweenus's Avatar
    im sure this is on here a million times, but i dont really know what to search to get an answer so here goes....

    when i recieve pictures via text message, i get 2 options, one to open with gallery, or with google photos....
    when i open with gallery, the pictures a tiny as hell, and i cant zoom in on them
    and when i open with google photos they are blurry as hell

    wtf is the deal, i got it to work once before but i sure dont remember how

    i open the pictures with the stock messaging app, handcent, and 8sms and its all the same....wtf bro
    06-27-2014 09:42 PM
  2. Geezerb's Avatar
    It's blurry because the pic is being enlarged beyond it's resolution. I think the sender is to blame.
    06-27-2014 10:30 PM
  3. thegreatweenus's Avatar
    Even if it's a picture they upload to Facebook? I can see the pics on Facebook fine with out and blur....sometimes they send me a picture that someone else took and those are blurry to

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    06-28-2014 08:28 AM

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