1. cmcfarland's Avatar
    Now what do I do? I can tell nothing differant? Tried going to teathering and hotspot and nothing.. Did I miss a step? Also looking do go to Jelly Bean also.. CM10 best one out? Thanks
    12-23-2012 05:12 PM
  2. Bizzle69's Avatar
    Well if you unlocked and rooted, you have root permissions... You need to back up your stock rom and flash a different one... If you have the One X(L) I'd suggest Nocturnal'd Dirty Rom with 4.2 Elements for a cm rom, ViperXL for a sense based rom

    BUT FIRST: reboot to bootloader and see what hboot you have, I'm guessing its 1.14-- if it is, you must be in bootloader while using the toolkit>put rom you want to flash in the /data/kernels (extract the boot.img to this location). Make sure you have a copy of the same rom.zip that you are flashing on your phone as well (I usually keep it in the downloads folder on my phone).

    Now when you have all of the above ready, you must go into recovery and Wipe system, factory reset, then reboot to bootloader
    While in the bootloader menu, make sure it says "Fastboot USB" above the menu.

    Now hit the flash button in the toolkit under "kernel>using this command selected"--- this will flash boot.img to the phone... This should be fairly quick, after it is done, in the toolkit select "reboot to recovery", as soon as you are in recovery go to Install, select your rom.zip and flash it... First reboot usually takes a little while, just wait. Once booted up, enjoy!

    EDIT: this above instruction is if you have hboot 1.14... If you do not have that, and it's 1.09 or otherwise don't worry about using fastboot, you can install from recovery
    12-23-2012 06:53 PM
  3. cmcfarland's Avatar
    ok.. Gonna try to figure this out.. LOL Thanks.. With these will I beable to teather?
    12-23-2012 07:10 PM
  4. Bizzle69's Avatar
    Most definitely... I already had it included with my AT&T plan, but regardless, you don't need permission from carrier ...

    And once you are up and running a rom, you should download flash GUI app... You won't need to use a PC to flash a new rom or flash a back up.--> flash it in the flash GUI app, then reboot, wipe like I said in my first post, install same rom you just flashed in the app.. Boom, so much easier than needing a PC to flash

    Edit: I would also advise backing up your contacts >> go to phone app, select the contacts section>hit menu button>import/export>export to storage... Remember the name of the file and where it is, just in case the new rom you flash doesn't load it automatically (I have yet to flash a rom that doesn't, but heard some people run into it)

    Also download titanium backup-- back up apps with data only, if you backup system data and flash a different rom, upon restoring apps you could have problems resulting in a need to re-flash the rom after a clean wipe. (Headache haha)
    12-23-2012 09:27 PM

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