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    Hello there, So recently and unfortunately my iphone 4 has broke. As of right now, I do have an upgrade and I know that the iphone 4 is available for .99 cents; but my parents want to save our upgrades for when the iphone 4S decreases in upgrade pricing or the iphone 5 price comes down which is fine. AT&T is currently offering the Huawei Fusion 2 (and the original fusion) for $100 which isn't bad at all. Im curious to try android anyways because I love having customizable software; I used to have blackberries and I miss the level of customization I had with my blackberry compared to my iphone, although I do love the apps. So my question is, If i opt temporarily for this low-budget android phone in the meantime of waiting for the iphone prices to decrease; is the phone worth it? I know I pretty much get what I pay for i'm not looking for the most high-end snappiest quickest phone ever; but does this phone have a good battery life for mostly texting/durability/a decent camera to snap some instagram pics here and there? =)
    10-25-2012 01:04 PM

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