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    so i got a cheap polaroid s8 tablet that i won at a christmas party. I initially had a 1gb micro sd inside until i got a new card. I got a 4gb micro, transferred the files straight over without resetting the tablet or anything then did a factory reset after putting the 4gb card in. Upon completion i noticed that there were now 3 partitions rather than the initial 2, internal storage and extsd. now there is a third part called simply sdcard. in the file explorer it seems to be the /mnt/sdcard which from what i read is normal but if i move an app to sd card from the app manager, the sdcard part grows, the internal storage decreases, and the extsd stays totally free according to the storage tab in settings. i noticed the sdcard partition has 828mb which i believe was the amount of the 1 gb sd card that i put in initially while the internal storage is .99gb due to the device having 1gb internal memory. when the make believe sdcard gets full, it doesn't let me downloads any more apps and any other apps or updates that are queued hang as downloading until i force close the download manager. it's almost as if the device thinks all the storage is in one directory but it knows it's not full yet because i never get a storage space warning or error. Why can't i get anything into the extsd? it must be writable since there is a lost.dir folder but nothing that was supposed to be moved to the actual sdcard is still actually in the internal memory. erasing the fake sdcard in the storage tab in settings erases basically all files (apps, camera pics), but nothing happens to the device, (i.e. the OS deleting if possible, accounts, settings) also all the directories the tablet created upon reset are still there or have been recreated. How in the hell can i get this thing to use the actual sd card again? i got a pretty limited brick with only 828 mb to work with....
    05-04-2014 04:09 AM

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