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    Hi, if someone could help me out with my question I would be really grateful, I haven't updated to lollipop yet-if I do, will I have to sign in to play store/Google+/Google photos etc from the start again, I don't mean a new account, I just mean basic signing in, probably just the once?.
    I ask this because my daughter(11yr old) signed in to her Google account using my phone once, to download a game to play when her hudl needed charging, ever since then I can see her installed apps if I click on her user icon.
    My phone says I now have 2 Google user accounts.
    I like this because I can keep a little eye on her apps, I don't really want her having things like Snapchat, not yet.
    I don't know her Google sign in password and I don't want to ask her.

    I want to put the update on my phone (Sony xperia) but just worried that I will not be able to see her app download activity anymore.

    Many Thanks

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    07-04-2015 05:33 AM

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