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    Summary: Sony Xperia Z1S refuses to allow Google apps access to location

    After repeated and near constant Google Play Services crashes that I simply dismissed, it started causing Google Maps to crash as soon as it was opened. At this point I cleared all data from Google Play Services, and now those crashes are rare but my Google apps do not have access to my location.

    When I try to get my location in Google Maps, I get a notification (from Keep) that pops up the following when clicked:
    "In a previous version of Android, you turned off access to your location for all Google apps. Turn it back on?"

    The options are Not Now and Yes. If I select Yes, the pop-up goes away but the notification remains and my location is still not identified. The same is true for Not Now.

    Using other apps, I have confirmed that GPS is working properly. In fact, one app identifies that not only is my GPS being located correctly, but that the location is being correctly shared with Google Play Services. It simply refuses to share that location with Google apps.

    I have turned on and updated my backup phone, a Galaxy Nexus, and it has proper access to my location in all of its apps.

    Attempted solutions:
    Clear cache and saved data from Google Play Services
    Clear cache and saved data from Google Maps
    Turn Location on and off, and change location quality settings (GPS+WiFi/cell, just GPS, just WiFi/cell)
    Acquire location in a different app and then open Google Maps
    Turn location access on in Google Settings (gives me the same pop-up from main issue, with same result; sometimes causes phone to reboot)

    Phone: Sony Xperia Z1S (T-Mobile version, C6916)
    OS: OTA-updated Android 5.0.2
    Google Play Services: 9.8.77
    Length of time: Services crashes start last week I think; Google apps stopped having location access on Monday (two days ago), based on lack of Timeline data.

    My next troubleshooting step is to try a cache partition wipe, and then a full phone reset. Any other ideas?
    10-19-2016 09:24 AM

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