1. poocey666's Avatar
    I need help ASAP
    06-07-2015 05:14 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I assume you activated the phone, following their directions.

    Call the tech support number. If they can't get it done (it depends on whom you get - some of them know what they're doing, some of them don't seem to know what a cellphone is), go to their Facebook page and ask for help - those people know what they're doing, but it's best to reserve them for the problems the people at the phone number can't fix. (IOW, someone else might have a really tough problem, but has to wait for your account to be reprovisioned, which they could have done at the phone number - it's just being polite to other Straight Talk users to try the phone number first.)

    If you can't even make a phone call it's probably either 1. There's no TMobile signal where you are (you did gt a TMobile Straight Talk SIM, right? An AT&T Straignt Talk SIM won't work.) 2. Your account isn't set up properly (computers do make mistakes). Or 3. the SIM card is bad. (It could be something else, but those would be my first 3 guesses.)
    06-07-2015 07:37 PM

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