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    Today in Warsaw Arkadia gallery I had the opportunity to test both Nexus'a 4, as well as the flagship model of the Korean manufacturer LG Optimus G. As for the benchmarks, the results for both phones are very similar to each other. Both models present themselves really well and are solidly constructed. Glass back cover I give a lot of charm to these devices. Liquidity GUI on both systems, it's very fast. The new version of the overlay from LG is really pleasing to the eye and introduces a number of useful features. I spoke to the consulate LG and he admitted that the company had problems with updates, but with the new version of the overlay to appear in future updates much faster. The main difference was in Optimus G 32GB built-in memory, and a 13 Megapixel sensor. A positive surprise for me is the version of the. G Swift working under the control of android 4.1.2. Review Guidelines in all what I could see, was a version of android 4.0.3. First impressions after using both of these phones are very positive. LG has done a good job.

    GLBenchmark 2.5, Quadrant, Antutu

    Now I would like to discuss the thing that disturbed me personally. I also noticed the presence of the Optimus Throttling'u G. Throttling in Google smartphone has been discussed more than once. The basis of this that the fault lies in the side of the drivers, was to compare the operation of a processor in Optimus G. I am the first person who managed to do Stability Test on this unit. The heart of the phone is quad-core Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1512MHz Pro. Unfortunately, there is a lower clock speed on both models, and the temperature difference between the two devices is small. Clock decline occurred almost immediately after starting the test to 1134MHz 1512MHz. After 20 minutes of operation the temperature was 47.8 C. So far it is not known whether the fault lies with the system design, the same processor from Qualcomm.

    What is your opinion on this?

    Original post is in Polish. I translated it in google translate
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    12-12-2012 01:22 PM

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