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    I've looked all over, either they cost too much, don't give enough information (re: if they work on my type/model of phone), or they don't seem to be any better than just plugging it in to a usb connection in my husband's truck. If there isn't one, I'd at least like to get a car charger (that you plug into the cigarette lighter) that actually works with my lg phone. Anybody know? I bought an "iHome" battery pack. It worked for about a month, but now it won't stay charged even though I turned it off after it (the charger) was fully charged. So that means, if it doesn't stay charged, I'm not going to be able to charge my phone. Waste of money, that was. Also, my car doesn't have a usb connection (it's old), only a cigarette lighter. And I bought two car chargers (for the cigarette lighter connection) and neither one worked in my car or my husband's truck.
    10-25-2014 08:43 PM

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