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    About a week ago I recieved a message from my friend, it showed up at the top but not anywhere else when I pulled the notification screen down and clicked on it it led me to acreate new message screen. I then asked her to resend the message which she did and continued on, later deleting the thread. I now have a red circle over my texting app (the one that comes with the phone) with a 1 in it even though i have no texts. When I do recieve a text it says i have two unread messages in the little circle. Also in the pull down notification thing it says new message and then shows part of the message typed out, when i click on it it takes me to all messages usually it would say who sent the message at the top and take me directly to the message, its been like this for a week now. Please help
    11-04-2013 11:21 AM

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