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    ls480zuk on sprint. Go sms Pro v5.02(pre adds) and the latest v5.34

    Can't send a picture mms (text) with go sms pro, but it will work with the stock messenger app. All I get is a forever blinking green arrow in go sms pro. This is by attaching the picture inside the go sms pro app.

    In go sms pro I tried manually entering the APN settings for MMC, MMS Proxy and MMS Port and did not make a difference. I am not sure what Profile Url or User Agent to enter in so I have not tried to modify those settings.

    HOWEVER, if I go into the phone settings and change mobile network mode from LTE/CDMA to just CDMA I am able to use send a picture mms with go sms pro.

    Anyone want to tackle this?
    01-20-2014 08:22 PM

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