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    This phone has been my daily device for 6 months now and has no issues. Its in very good shape because it has been in a case every minute. I take it out and clean the phone often and it has no major damage. Only very light discoloration from the case rubbing on the phone. It has also had a screen protector since new. Very light marking on the phone body from the case rubbing. A few light scratches in the screen protector that could be fixed with a new screen protector. No major marks or scratches, the phone is in exceptional shape.

    It has been rooted, and I am currently running a custom operating system. I will be formatting the phone and installing a clean and 100% OEM ICS before it is sold unless otherwise asked not to. It has the newest Ikream New Era ROM on it based on ICS.

    With the phone will be the Black soft silicon case, original box, OEM charger, USB cord, 16GB SD card, and all paperwork.

    If you need more pictures please send an email or reply to this and I will be sure to get you more.

    I am still using this phone, and I will release it from my account with your pending sale. It has no warranty and is sold As-Is. It is in 100% working order and will only be considered for a refund/return if its DOA.

    If you feel more comfortable, I also have this phone listed on Swappa.com.

    Swappa For Sale: KSE109 Droid Razr (Verizon)

    I'm pretty firm on the $225 because I need to purchase a new phone after our transaction.


    01-03-2013 06:55 PM
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    Still for sale. Picked up my Razr Maxx today, so this is being stripped down to Stock ICS tomorrow and ready to be shipped Monday. Its a great phone for someone that wants to get into a 4g phone and not lose their Unlimited on Verizon. It does not ship with a SIM card, but you can take it to Verizon, they will give you a card free and you can have them activate it on the spot.

    01-06-2013 12:24 AM
  3. Ahowe125's Avatar
    Still for sale, here is another picture of everything included.

    01-07-2013 06:25 PM
  4. Ahowe125's Avatar
    Just an update, I wanted to add that it is now listed on eBay as well. Auction or Buy it now.

    Motorola Droid RAZR 32GB Black Verizon Smartphone | eBay

    If your interested in dealing outside ebay or swappa let me know, this phone is boxed up and ready to be shipped. 100% stock .211 ICS is installed and phone is like new.

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    01-09-2013 01:25 PM
  5. Ahowe125's Avatar
    Sold, Thanks for the space!
    01-15-2013 11:39 PM

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