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    Switched a few weeks ago from a LG G3 to the Moto G 4 Plus, and had all my music on a micro SD card. On the Motorola I noticed some of my music wasn't showing up. So have gone through many steps trying to fix this with no luck. So far I have;

    1. Backed up, formatted and put everything back in the memory card.
    2. Converted all to MP3 just to see if that was the issue. (Some were FLAC and M4A etc.)
    3. Fixed the tags with a software.
    4. Tried multiple music player apps.
    5. Put music on internal storage rather than SD Card
    Probably more, but I probably have forgotten at this point. Should also mention after each step I tried, everything still worked on the LG but not on the Moto. Also on the Moto if I go into the storage options for the SD card and it shows the songs not in the player, but refuses to play them.

    Any other ideas I could try would be appreciated.
    02-04-2017 06:17 PM

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