05-21-2013 09:26 PM
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    It took some digging but i finally found what i was looking for. You can skip to the part that says "Droid DNA Long in the Works" HTC amps up Verizon's Droid franchise with Droid DNA | Mobile - CNET News

    Unfortunately the DInc2 was the One-x type competitor, which was kind of a shame because IMO the OneX was a lot more polished. Another unfortunate bit was that the DNA came seven months later, that's the whole timing thing you're referring to. If the verizon would have just gotten the One-X maybe the One could have came at the holiday season last year instead of the DNA. That would have been a real game changer! Which brings the tough challenge back to motorola to release a phone that catches people's attention in the midst of One and S4 talk (again timing like you said)
    Thanks for the article, I was digging around too Yeah, I don't think the X is going to blow us away and it might not even top the S4 or One in specs. If it has advantages, hopefully they're in useful areas, like features, durability, software optimization and/or battery life.
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    05-20-2013 01:52 AM
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    This rumor has exactly the same credibility as the theory that the moon is made out of cheese. 2 reasons for saying that. 1. The phone is done, pulling out when something is already complete is a waste of time. 2. There are no sources at all. This was made up by an analyst in China that has no inside scoop from Google or Motorola, nothing to do with the supply chains, etc. They're trying to piece together a bunch of rumors that we're all following and drew some lost in translation conclusion that people report on for page clicks and because they're afraid it might be true.
    so who's trying to get attention if this is the case? Just wondered since rumors don't usually start without that factor..
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    05-20-2013 02:34 AM
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    Looks like at&t and sprint are on board.



    The back of the sprint phone seems to be missing details.

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    05-21-2013 09:26 PM
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