08-27-2013 12:42 PM
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    For this comparison, Pros are items that are not true of the other device.

    Pros of Nexus 4:

    1. It's a Nexus
    2. Instant updates to the (3)
    3. Best software
    4. First and most reliable access to new features
    5. Factory images stored online (easy recovery)
    6. Easy to unlock, etc.
    7. An amazing development community.
    8. Low off-contract price because of Google subsidy
    9. Photosphere
    10. One of the best displays on a device

    Pros of the Moto X:

    1. Available on CDMA carriers
    2. Has LTE access
    3. Always On Touchless Controls
    4. Active Notifications
    5. Fastest/Smoothest device (phone) available to date
    6. Customization (external cosmetic)
    7. 32GB is an option
    8. Much better battery life
    9. More compact design, reviewed as one of the best feeling (in the hand) devices ever made
    10. Presumably more durable materials (than glass)

    Reading through these two lists creates an obvious picture of one device that is made primarily for tinkering, a developer or software enthusiasts's device and one that is meant to provide an amazing mainstream experience.

    It's easy to justify one over the other on a variety of individual things, but honestly I think the Nexus 4 may have finally been soundly unseated from it's position as the best device available. With the HTC One it's been close for 4 months (the experiences are so wildly different it's hard to compare), but for mainstream consumers (and even some of us nerds) the Moto X just might be the best device available.

    Good news for Nexus enthusiasts, there is a refresh due soon (2-3 months) that will hopefully make this a much tougher fight to call!
    I'd disagree with the fastest/smoothest device as I think the nexus 4 would be even if not superior in that category, but other than that I agree if any phone is going to upstage the nexus it'll be this one.
    08-27-2013 12:42 PM
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